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Meet the new Capsule Endoscopy pill that's smarter, more capable, and longer-lasting than any comparable device on the market. Backed by deep learning algorithms, it's the clear choice for GI diagnostics and screening.

Meet ZoCam

  • Developed to provide unprecedented results in terms of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and quality
  • Part of a dual-platform, cloud-based system that allows patients and physicians to collaborate seamlessly
  • Pushes the limits of technology while remaining incredibly simple to use

Unmatched image quality

  • Complete, contiguous image
  • Sidewall view vs distorted, "down the pipe" view
  • Pinpoint accuracy for trouble spots
  • 360-degree
  • Ultra-high resolution

Higher diagnostic yield

  • Full digestive tract exam (power management system)
  • Precise GI anomaly identification, including severity and location
  • Detection of micro-bleeds
  • Detection of abnormal peristalsis (IBS)
  • Comparative analysis
  • Predictions of future issues

Automated review process

  • Faster read/review/reporting time
  • Gastrointestinal tract “Hot Spot” prioritization
  • Cloud-based deep learning with auto-variant detection
  • Clearer follow-up treatments
  • Intuitive user experience

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